Sunday, November 21, 2010

Season's Greetings

We put our Christmas tree up today! Call me crazy but I LOVE Christmas and not because I like getting presents, but I love the lights, decorations, smells, family gatherings, christmas shows & songs, snow, wrapping presents & seeing people's faces when they open gifts that I have bought for them. My bestfriend, Sarah and I have always put up our decorations early & begun countdowns to Christmas starting in November. Well I got a text message from Oregon lastnight & it was a picture of her tree & it said "I couldn't help myself." I had been planning on putting up my decorations early anyway, but once I saw that, I knew I had to get my butt going. Don't get me wrong, I am not holiday jumping. I very much still look forward to Thanksgiving and love all of the yummy food & seeing family, I just figured I would get the decorations up early since we will be busy all week with family stuff & birthdays (November dominates my calendar for birthdays).. plus then K can enjoy the lights on the tree since she is beginning to be in awe of anything bright :)

This year for thanksgiving I am bringing a dish (how grown up of me) to Andy's grandma's house to help carry part of the load for his mom. Normally we go downstate for Thanksgiving, but with Kennedy being so little we didn't want to make the 7 hour drive so instead his two aunts are coming up here & Andy's Grandma (Gina) is hosting. One small problem though... Gina doesn't cook, or should I say we don't trust her to cook so everyone is making dishes. Pam (MIL) is doing a couple dishes besides making the mashed potatoes. 10 lbs of mashed potatoes. I offered to make 5lbs of them so she wouldn't have to do so much by herself and she gladly accepted my offer. Now onto the tough part... as easy as it may seem to make mashed potatoes... in Andy's family you have to follow the "recipe." Gina, and all of the kids all make potatoes the exact same way, and you don't mess with the potatoes, they are the party favorite. Anyone that has strayed away from the regular recipe of this golden food has been teased & went home with their potatoes... untouched. I hope I make them right... if not I will just claim the other 5lbs as mine ;)

Well I am going to get back to spending Sunday afternoon with Andy and Kennedy and enjoy the quiet around here. We have been all over town between both of our parents' houses this weekend & Andy had to work yesterday. The office being closed on Sundays is one of the many reasons I love this day. I get my husband home with us. Only 2 more full weeks until I have to go back to work... hello separation anxiety.
I would leave you with an angelic picture of K, but for some reason my blogger won't upload it :( I will have to post it later, or tomorrow.
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


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Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Good luck with the mashed potatoes!! :) Hope your Christmas tree is looking beautiful! I will hopefully get ours up this weekend!