Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello Skating with The Stars, right up my alley here. This season has two very important things.
1. It is ice skating, duh, and I LOVE everything about ice skating. Singles, pairs, watching, doing, the music, the jumps, the costumes, the person that pushes it just a little bit further every competition, and lets not forget ice skating movies... they compile into a good majority of all of my fave movies ie. The Cutting Edge, Ice Angel, Ice Castles, Ice Princess, Blades of Glory only to name a few.
2. REBECCA BUDIG is competing. It is safe to say that Rebecca is one of my favorite actresses. I have followed her on All My Children for so long & I just love her. She seems so down to earth, and I think she is a great actress. And who doesn't love the Ryan Lavery & Greenlee Smythe love story, I sure love it!
Unfortunately with a little 1 month old, it sometimes makes it impossible for me to stay up and watch some of my favorite shows. So thank goodness for DVR & allowing me to watch episodes. I will definitely be voting/cheering for Rebecca and Fred this season. Team Greenlee! :)

Watching that show just makes me itch for the snow to get here. I bought new ice skates last year & didn't even get a chance to skate on them yet! It is inevitable that Kennedy will have some kind of ice skating background, even if it is just skating around on the lake at Andy's parents house. I really hope she loves it :) It is something I have been obsessed with since I was little, rarely missing a competition on tv, and those that I did have to miss I think I still have taped on a vhs tape in a tote in our basement. One of my friends, Amber who went to a different school growing up, skated for their team (unfortunately the town that I grew up in didn't offer skating in school) and she just had a little baby girl, Olivia, a couple of days ago so we have been talking about how our kids have a prearranged friendship already & hopefully we can take them to the rink and bring them skating together. (Amber and I used to skate together when we were in highschool at the rink in town). How exciting!   Oh and I must mention that I also can't wait to ski. There are actually all sorts of cool winter things to do in MQT, as long as you like the snow!

Well I am off to try to master this mashed potato recipe... I hope I don't mess it up! I made a good point when talking to my bestfriend Sarah earlier, I offered to bring a dish to Thanksgiving Dinner expecting to be assigned to jello salad, or even rolls? Those are easy enough.. but instead I was given one of the IMPORTANT side dishes and as easy as mashed potatoes seem to be to make, if anyone can mess it up, that would be this girl! Especially when I am under so much pressure to follow a special recipe and am kindly reminded by my husband that potatoes in his family are like gold.  Wish me luck :)  I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for, and I hope you all have things to be thankful for as well.  God bless!

Oh and Sarah, I can't wait to read your first blog post, I will be waiting ;)

xo Jody

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