Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Cards

When I realized that my "go-to" photographer was booked up & then taking the holiday season off to say I had an anxiety attack is an understatement.  How in the hell was I going to order Christmas cards if I didn't have any pictures to go on them?

Then Andy's friend, Mike saved the day. It just so happens that he is pretty decent photographer and he was more than willing to come over & take some pictures for us. I did end up ordering cards but of course I can't show you because, well then you wouldn't be surprised when some of you got them in the mail.  But I will share with you some of the other photos that we took. More so just so that I can share pictures of my adorable little child with ya'll!

how precious is that face?
Aww! Just kills me.

Well those are all I can show you for now.. I'll share the rest another day.
You know.. I like to keep you coming back for more..

Now off to daydream about Robert Pattinson in preparation for Breaking Dawn tonight.

Yup, you heard it... I am a total twi-hard.
It happens to the best of us.


Mrs. Mama said...

oh hey beautiful K! Look at that gorgeous little outfit and bow! Auntie Becky is so proud! gorgeous pics...

breaking dawn TONIGHT?! um. hold up. wait for me. be there in about 7 hours!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

She is beautiful! I saw breaking dawn tonight too! What did you think?

Jody said...

Becky- I waited for you at the movie theater.. you officially stood me up! ok... I forgive you.

Love Melissa- I loved it!! What did you think of it?? I'm not thrilled that I have to wait for another year for the last one though!

Brooke said...

She is so adorable! What a cute outfit. I'm sure your card turned out great!