Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously Thursday!

Wow, this week is flying by!

So things that made me say Seriously..

Seriously.. I woke up this morning with a swollen eye. NO idea what happened. But then it went away by noon. Just call me Michelle from the Bachelor.

Seriously.. Kennedy is walking ALL over the place. She doesn't stop, and it is so darn cute.

Seriously... in less than a month I will be in NEW YORK CITY with my sister & sister-in-law for a girl's long weekend!

Seriously.. I am totally going to may be that crazy tourist there. And stop at all the places that Kevin did in Home Alone.

Seriously.. one of my very bestfriends is flying home tomorrow for Thanksgiving! I haven't seen her in over a year. She lives in Oregon so it isn't the easiest to.

Seriously.. I need to get my ass back in the gym. Or workout at home ( we do have plenty of equipment). I fell off the workout wagon & well I need to get back on. I will be in Florida in January & Vegas in February and I WILL be wearing a bikini.

Seriously.. how amazing is all of the Christmas stuff in catalogs? Love Love Love. Now if only I could win the lottery...

Seriously.. it was fricken 20 degrees outside this morning. Now if it were accompanied by snow then it would be a different story but I am not a fan of bare grounds, sunny skies and FLIPPING 20 DEGREES. are you out of your mind, mother nature?? Get a grip!

Seriously.. I need to go grocery shopping, and have zero urge to do so. I hate it. I hate grocery shopping. especially by myself. Yuck. But I can't let Andy do it because ... well I am picky about what food we have in the house & I know he would get the wrong stuff. You know because he is a guy, they never get the "exact" stuff you wanted. Well atleast my guy doesn't.

Seriously.. I am so obsessed with looking at baby names for our future child/children. Like.. I could sit all day and research. You know, if I didn't have a job, a child to play with, food to cook, a husband to please hang out with.

And last but not least... Seriously, my blog is getting a makeover. It is long overdue and Becky is going to help me! Love my bitch.

Ok so what made you go SERIOUSLY?


Mrs. Mama said...

haha you are so funny! i LOOOVE you. I work tonight but then i'm off this weekend... send me ideas that you are thinking about and we can get started on this fab blog makeover!

p.s. elliana is walking like crazy too... still wobbly but i think she'll be running soon!

Paige said...

OMG, my fridge is practically empty. Food shopping is a must this weekend! Have fun in NYC, it is a great time of year to visit. I think a NY blog meet=up should happen one day!