Monday, November 28, 2011

weekend & home on a Monday.

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day and weekend. We had a wonderful day with family.. and it was actually very low key. loved it!

I did the unimaginable & decided to head out at midnight on black friday with my mom.
Note that I had to work at 8 on Friday. It was not a good mix! But I did score a sweet little kitchen playset for Kennedy which was normally $89 for $20, and a portable dvd player (for the plane in january for k) for $79 and it was normally $130. Oh and my mom bought us new pots and pans for Christmas! Normallly $299, on sale for $99. SCORE!

But the people in the stores? They were awful. People definitely turn into a different breed when they are out trying to beat eachother to deals. Wow! I can't believe the cruel things that I heard while out. People are selfish & downright rude. I'll stick to my Cyber Monday from now on

On Friday we actually had 8 of our local stores evacuated due to bomb threats. Pretty scary stuff. They had roads blocked off for a couple of hours, but after being searched they all were cleared. Many people think it was part of the Occupy Wallstreet group. Who knows.. thankfully I wasn't a part of that and didn't need to be in any stores for any reason.

Now onto why I am home this Monday. No it isn't because I needed to focus 100% on cyber monday sales but good guess. That is definitely a plus for being home. But I am actually home because baby is sick. :(

She came down with a fever on Friday night but it would go up and then down and back up again, so we thought maybe it was from teething because she is getting some more teeth.
Then Saturday she was really needy and cuddly and burning up again. You could tell she wasn't feeling quite right. She was very cranky and uncomfortable so we kept up with baby motrin and lots of cuddles.
Then yesterday came.
She pretty much just wanted to sleep all day, and had a fever again & when she would cry it sounded for hoarse. As the day went on, it seemed to get worse so at 7 lastnight we decided to take her in to the walk-in center to find out the culprit.
The NP we saw was very nice and good with Kennedy and seemed to know almost immediately. I knew of croup but wasn't sure if that's what it was because she wasn't coughing... yet. They gave her a single dose of prednisone & had us give her a nebulizer treatment while we were there and checked back in on her.
That treatment I thought would be the end of me. I had to hold a mask over her face. She cried. She screamed. She looked at me for comfort and I couldn't hold her the way she wanted me to. She gave me a look like she didn't understand why I was doing it to her. It broke my heart. Awful.  But if it was going to help her, we had to do it.

She doesn't have the hoarse sound when she cries anymore, but she does have the barky cough now. Hopefully with the cough she will get some of the junk out of her chest. The NP said she had a lot of drainage going on from her nose. She is in good spirits today and no fever. I have been giving her plenty of liquids along with lots of naps and hugs. Hopefully this clears up in a few days and baby girl starts to feel better soon!

I want my spunky baby back please.

now if you will excuse me I have some more cyber monday sales to hit up while baby naps next to me on the couch.



Paige said...

Awwww poor Kennedy. I hope she feels better soon. Enjoy your Monday at home and snuggle that baby girl ALL DAY!

Johanson Family said...

Found your blog through "From Mrs. to Mama" and love it! Looks so good!! I am amazed at people who could get out to do the black friday sales and jealous you got a kitchen for your sweet girl for $20 when I spent the $89! AGH! I also saw an Xbox 360 with kinect for half off and I spent full cost just a week or so before.. I couldn't talk anyone into going with me... So sad to hear about the croup. this time of year its always something! Hope she feels better soon!! I'm excited, I get to be #100 of your followers!! yay!

Jonas Smith said...

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