Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kenne update!

I feel like I haven't given you guys a Kennedy update in awhile.  Not a TON has been going on, but none-the-less I felt I should write down some things for my memory. This is going to go in the totally none flowish(I made that word up) bullet list format.

Oh and I am going to throw some random pictures in there as well. Ok? Ok.

- 15 months old. Where does the time go? I feel like 2 yrs is giving me the staredown.
- She is eating adult food pretty much all of the time. She still does have a bottle in the morning and at night, but we are weaning her off of that. We wanted to wait until we were done with all of our traveling the last few months before we took that & her nuk away. So now is the time...yikes.
-Her favorite foods to-date are: bananas, pear, winter squash, oatmeal, carrots, yogurt, cheesy broccoli soup & whole wheat saltines.

- Foods she could go without: peaches, any rice cereal, chicken, and meat ravioli (can't say I blame her)
- She drinks whole milk out of her bottle or sippy.
- She prefers to drink water out of a regular cup. I pour it for her.
- She loves to snack all day long.
- She is obsessed with ice cream.
- We are down to 2 naps a day (3 if she is crabby). Her naps consist of 1- hour to 1 1/2 hours in the morning & usually 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.
- She sleeps from 7pm to 7am for the most part.

- Went on her first plane ride to Florida in January and was amazing. She slept most of the way.
- Loves her dogs. She climbs all over Bode & Riley and they are so good with her. She sits on them like she is going to ride on them or throws herself on them to use as a pillow when she is tired.

-She knows where her nose, ears, eyes, mouth, belly, heart, knees and toes are. Also, if you say "oh Gees" she will put her hand on her head. so cute.
- She laughs all of the time. Her personality is amazing. Sometimes the sass can be a bit much, but it usually doesn't last long. She is so happy. And silly.
- Her hair is a blondish-brown full set of curls. She gets that from me.

- She still hates bathtime. I am hoping she grows out of it before summer because we are always at my in-laws in the water.
- She is wearing 18mo to 24 mo clothing.

- She had her first pigtails for our work party at the end of January
- She hates socks. If you put them on her she will have them off within 5 minutes if she doesn't have shoes on.

- She loves loves loves being outside. Especially in the winter. This makes me very happy.
-She cut 2 of her molars.. one on each side on the bottom. Pretty soon she will have a full set of teeth!-Speaking of teeth, she loves to brush her teeth. Insists on it whenever we walk by the bathroom her toothbrush is in. She knows. Good oral hygiene. That's my girl!

- She is a very busy little girl. Into everything, climbing on everything and thinks me telling her no is funny.

xo, j.


Amber said...

Awww, she's super cute! I loved reading her update, my ds (2.5 yrs) can do without the chicken, but LOVES bath time and anything to do with water! It's interesting that she drinkers water from a cup, how does shed do? My ds will drink it from a bottle (bottled water) but still manages to make a mess so we haven't tried a full fledge cup yet. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Mama said...

oh sweet K, she reminds me so much of E and what she is doing these days! Yay for 2-3 naps, she's a rockstar! and yay for loving winter... we have only had 2 days of snow, and not even close to enough to build a snowman! kind of jealous... but kind of not!! :)