Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My child the dog wannabe.

there are so many things wrong with this picture.

First, let me mention that our hallway painting project STILL isn't done.. without mentioning any names, ANDY, I am waiting for the ceiling and edges to be done.

Next, let us talk about how Kennedy insists on carrying the easter basket around still. I tried putting it away. Then there was a war about it.  She won.  I am just going to assume that she has some trendsetting idea in the works and baskets are the new purse??

Oh and if you haven't already figured out what the hell is on my child's head, well let me tell you.
This child has headbands, she has necklaces, she has hats, she has bows, she even has a crown.
BUT at the end of the day she simply prefers the dog's collar.  Ew.
She pulls it over the dog's head and then puts it on hers. Oh and the tags you see? She strategically places them so they are on her forehead.
It's safe to say she received a good shampooing afterwards.. in the yard, with the hose.
hey.. if you want to act like a dog?

The things that entertain my child. 

Disclaimer: So I don't end up on CPS's "check-in list"..please find comfort in knowing that Kennedy did not get bathed outside with a hose, rather she had a nice warm bubbly bath just to her liking. ;)


Melissa Knott said...

HA HA!! This made me laugh. Oooh the adventures I get to look forward to.

Jessica said...

My daughter shares all her snacks with the dog. YUCK.

Mrs. Mama said...

K is SO funny that little girl!