Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I wish I could be.

The things I wish I could be.

I wish I could be an interior designer with an unlimited budget. Sounds fun, right? 

I wish I could be super talented in something. I feel like I am good at a lot of things but I want to be GREAT at something.

I wish I could be less of an anxious freak.  I get anxiety over the silliest things. Really. It's bizarre to me. Of course when the spotlight is on me but also just in certain situations that aren't even about me.

I wish I could be awesome with a sewing machine. When I was in college I decided one day that I was going to sew. I wanted to make things. So for Christmas my mom bought me a sewing machine and a tote full of fabric, needles, thread, patterns etc.  Not only did it take me 4 months to even learn how to use it but I made two throw toys for my dog & then never used it again. I can't even remember what to do with it. It is in my basement in a tote waiting to resurface.

I wish I could be a DIY queen.  I just don't have the patience for it. I have such high expectations for projects that I want to do and I get it in my mind.. start it & then usually put it off to the side. I need to get better at that. I love a good bargain and I love feeling like I made it to what it is but between time and patience, I am really lacking.

I wish I could be connected to Hollywood in someway so that I could wear gorgeous dresses and have someone do my hair and makeup for me at times. 

I wish I could be more disciplined when I go into Target. Target is my weakness and it doesn't help that we live literally 4 minutes away from it. Too easy.

I wish I could be a southern belle at times. I tell Andy all of the time that for some reason I feel like I was supposed to grow up in the south. I think it is because I grew up listening to country music and on a farm.  I just LOVE the "southern" way of living. And naturally I do use ya'll every once in awhile and have no idea when it started. Since I was young.

I wish I could be more confident in things. There are so many things that I want to do in life but am terrified to put myself out there and try.

The point of me writing this was to put down on "paper" the things that I wish for. Things that I want to work on for myself. Some may be silly things that aren't really going to happen Hello Southern Belle living in Hollywood, but if I write it all down I can look back on it and reflect on the things that I CAN control or change. For me, life is about enjoying everything and always trying to be the best person that you can be. This is just my way to hold myself accountable of things that I am aware of and can work on.


Karen said...

I wish I could be all of those things as well. I have a sewing machine that I have used once because I forgot how to use it.

Ashleigh Day said...

I love your "I Wish"! They are too cute :)

Lindsey said...

I think this is an amazing post girlfriend, but you are awesome and your wish list is great! I think one or two of your wishes are definitely mine as well! xo

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm definitely with you on several of these things! I wish I was more crafty!

Petchie said...

Great post! I love the idea of writing down everything you wish and then looking at what you can actually change and control, what a great idea!